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Can solar panels be recycled? SURE. That's the sure answer from Genesis.
Silicon solar modules are primarily composed of aluminum, glass and plastic, they are recycled in mass quantities.

Here is the main steps involved in successfully recycling a silicon module:

1.Removing the aluminum frame (100% reusable)
2.Separating the glass along a conveyor belt (95% reusable)
3.Thermal processing at 500 degrees Celsius
    This allows for the evaporation of small plastic components and allows the cells to be easier separated.
4.Etching away silicon wafers and smelting them into reusable slabs (85% reusable)

Recycling Services For Solars

Get rid of your Solar Panels is never so easy Since Genesis providing Recycling Service 

Drop Off Recycling

Our facilities accept any knids of solar panels now, you can stop at any locations of us and drop off your solar panels.

Pick Up Service

For your large quantity surplus, inventory, Returns, Retires Solar Panels in Denver Metropolitan Area, we can schedule a pick up for you.

Remove Recycling

Get rid of your nonworking/ineffective Solar Panels?

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